Our Spiritual Care teams Are....

  • Professional- They are trained in prayer and leading others in prayer as well as therapeutic prayer/art.
  • Intentional- They care about people's healing and freedom.
  • Dedicated- They partner with God to bring freedom to people in Mind, Body and Soul.
  • Non-Judgmental- They focus on peoples destiny and future hopes.
  • Faithful- they have a relationship with and are devoted to God.

A Spiritual C.A.R.E Experience is...


  • ​​Gentle and unique to each individual
  • safe and confidential
  • distinct and different from counseling or therapy.
  • validating and powerful
  • able to lead to a deeper relationship with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.
bringing healing to body soul and spirit through art and meditative prayer

Spiritual C.A.R.E.

Creative Arts Restorative Experience

During a Sprirtual

C.A.R.E Session....

  • We purposefully partner with the Godhead to uncover the source of people's wounds.
  • We intentionally find the lies that have negatively impacted people's lives.
  • We deliberately help People walk towards forgiveness to open up and heal the heart.
  • we purposely replace lies with truth to help others embrace hope and live free from fear.